Our top 3 back to uni picks

Don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered! We know that students are facing unprecedented circumstances and we can’t know how different uni is going to be. But even with masks on, mmi3nsa earrings are sure to keep you stylish, come what may!

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ahwenneɛ 1 silver plated earrings


Elegant, understated and stylish. What more could you want from an everyday pair of earrings. Blue not your thing? #makeitmine to customise your pair. You can change the beads and choose from an amazing and varied range of colours and patterns!

nyankontɔn 2 gold plated earrings


For all you rainbow children! Or those who can’t decide which colour they want... See a rainbow everyday with this fun pair.

ɔsebɔ 1 silver plated earrings


Now this is a statement. Is it giraffe, is it leopard? To find out, visit @mmi3nsa on Instagram and flick through our story ‘Twi quiz’! These earrings are unique, striking and fun - why not take a trip to the wild side?

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