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Contemporary jewellery with an African twist!

mmi3nsa’s collections harmonise handcrafted Ghanaian recycled glass beads with gold-plated, silver-plated, sterling silver, recycled silver, rubber or cotton cord into beautiful jewellery. 

Each piece of jewellery is unique, owing to the production process which organically creates an endless variety of beads.

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From bold styles to understated elegance, we cater for all tastes. Choose from our latest collection of studs, drops, and thread earrings, matched with carefully selected beads to add a pop of colour to your day. 

Our necklace and pendant collections are ideal talking points and are stand out pieces that lift any outfit. These are sure to catch someone's eye on your next Zoom call!





Make It Mine

"I want to design my own jewellery"

We stock an vast array of recycled beads in different colours, sizes, shapes and styles. You can create a custom pair of earrings by following our easy 3-step process.


From our handmade recycled glass beads to our eco-friendly packaging, mmi3nsa is committed to sustainable fashion. We consider every aspect of our operations to ensure that we are ethical in our decision making. You can rest assured that you are buying into a brand that takes its social responsibilities seriously.


No two beads are the same! We aim to produce jewellery that we love to wear, that is beautiful and that is ethically produced. Not enough for you? Why not try #makeitmine, our 3-step process allowing you to create a custom piece of jewellery. Still not enough? Send us a message, we take commissions!


We believe in trade, preserving traditional methods, celebrating artisans and supporting small scale producers. We view our supply chain as partners and treat everyone in the chain fairly. By supporting mmi3nsa you are helping to support professional artists maintain and develop their businesses.

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"I love how the light catches the beads and think they are the perfect mix of understated elegance, as well as versatile."


‘I love my earrings, the whole collection is amazing♥️🖤’ 

Keep up to date with mmi3nsa, brush up on your Twi and be inspired by Ghanaian crafts and culture.


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